It’s no secret that Wisconsin is a hub for supper clubs, boasting more than 300 restaurants – the most of any state. In fact, many supper club enthusiasts take pride in visiting as many as possible in their lifetime to experience this dining tradition typically known for fish fries, prime rib specials and, of course, old fashioneds.

To help elevate this cultural experience for others, the Wisconsin Supper Club Chasers, founded by Jim and his wife Michelle, curated the first-ever deal book – the Wisconsin Supper CLUB Dining Destinations Guide – which costs $45 and includes offers from 131 Wisconsin supper clubs. Each supper club has provided a one-time food deal, most of which average about $12 in value. The deal book, with an estimated total value of more than $1,000, also offers a digital map and club card for more savings, and all offers are good through 2025.  You can even have each supper club you visit stamp your guide book like a passport.

Jim and Michelle have visited 157 Wisconsin supper clubs to date and recounts their weekly experiences for more than 23,000 Facebook followers.  The guide was created in partnership with Venture Wisconsin, which produced the Old Fashioned Passport in 2022.

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