Spring/Summer 2018


Big Dining in Little Bay City

Two-time nominee Lisa Carlson and partner Carrie Summer, (who are both Kansas City Barbeque Society Certified judges; Summer’s also a pastry chef), co-own the cozy Chef Shack in Bay City, within a block of the Mississippi River. Their weathered clapboard building, a former tavern, is open—at most—three days and 14 hours per week.

A Wisconsin Vintage Treasure Hunt

Vintage shopping is an activity that has its own magic—the thrill of the hunt, scoring one-of-a-kind finds and exploring shops and markets that are as far from big-box as you can get. Wisconsin holds many antique shopping gems, along with vintage-inspired inns and restaurants to turn it into a weekend to soak up the past.

Wisconsin’s Own Walk of Fame

In her hit “Big Yellow Taxi,” singer Joni Mitchell lamented that “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” At the University of Wisconsin–Madison, the alumni association has done just the opposite. It removed a parking lot and replaced it with Alumni Park, celebrating UW alumni and traditions.

Eight Great Wisconsin Pie Places

Pie is a gorgeous vehicle for seasonal fruits, a genius way to make vegetables delicious and the best thing to hurl at a frenemy during a food fight. We’ve got eight places making some of Wisconsin’s most unique and tasty varieties—but don’t even think about starting a food fight at them!