By Kevin Revolinski | Photo courtesy of Travel Wisconsin

Wisconsin is famous for its abundance of lakes and rivers, but it is also home to a good number of impressive waterfalls. The state offers all of the ingredients needed to create these stunning sites, which include drops in elevation, water features (usually heads of streams) and hard metamorphic and/ or igneous rock. Many of the waterfalls are found in northern Wisconsin where these elements are more common, however, you’ll find a few further south.


Many may think this 30-foot falls, where Tyler Forks meets the Bad River, is the namesake of Copper Falls State Park. But Copper, as well as the long rapids Granite Falls, are additional views along one of the best state park trail systems in the Northwoods.


Amnicon Falls State Park has several cascades — depending on rain. The view from a covered bridge over the Amnicon River shows Upper Falls and Lower Falls dropping over ancient volcanic rock and sandstone. Hike a short loop trail to visit a third falls during spring or rainy periods when Now and Then Falls appears near the parking lot.


Not just one, but 14 named waterfalls call the state’s northeastern county home, including Veteran’s Falls, Long Slide, Dave’s Falls, McClintock Rapids and the named-by-size Four-, Eight-, Twelve- and Eighteen-Foot Falls. All lying in county parks, they can be seen in a couple days with camping available throughout the route.


Located on a spring-fed stream in Governor Dodge State Park, in the state’s Driftless Area, this modest falls lies at the end of Lost Canyon, a shaded gorge of carved sandstone outcrops. Hiking and camping opportunities abound here.


You’ll hear it long before you see it. Located in Pattison State Park near Superior, the state’s tallest waterfall tumbles 165 feet and you get great views into the gorge along trails on either side. Bonus: the park is also home to Little Manitou Falls.


East of Ashland, the Potato River drops 20 feet (Upper Falls) and another 30 feet (Lower Falls) on its way north to Lake Superior. Dirt trails and wood stairs lead to viewing platforms for each.


The only waterfall you can see from your car, this attraction along Highway 23 in downtown Montello flows over some very hard granite in four places, out of an old quarry. Park along the street or off, next to the small city park and take a short stroll right in front of it.


In the state park of the same name, the falls drops 45 feet in three steps where the Willow River flows out of a 200-foot deep rocky gorge.Trails and park road lead down to a bridge right under them for a spectacular view and a popular angle for photographers.


Don the hiking boots for this photo-worthy 8-foot veil of water. It’s 2.2 miles round trip into pristine woods off of Klemik Road or County Road C, south of Cornucopia. You can actually walk along the creek and step behind the waterfall itself.


Combine a hike to St. Peter’s Dome with a visit to this unusual chute of water. Morgan Creek tumbles 70 feet along a narrow run carved into the rock face of a gorge. It takes a hard turn and spills into a lovely pool right in front of you.


Kevin Revolinski is a Wisconsin outdoors and beer writer and author of "Backroads and Byways of Wisconsin" a guidebook to the best paddling throughout the Badger State. See his website at

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